Finances upon divorce

It’s always wise to deal with financial matters alongside the divorce process. Obtaining a Consent Order is the only way you will have a legally binding agreement which will be recognised by the courts. 

Financial remedy

Ideally, you should be working towards resolving financial issues with your spouse to avoid running up legal fees.

If you are able to tell us how you wish the finances to be split, we can then draft a legally binding document called a Consent Order, which goes before the Judge for approval. The split has to be fair; the Court won’t approve any proposal which gives everything to one spouse and nothing to the other.

If finances are going to be a real problem, it is better to start the legal process sooner rather than later.  This is because the Court devises a rigid time-table to which each party must adhere. The process has the advantage of focusing each party’s mind upon a settlement.

Once the divorce petition has been lodged at court, it is possible to make an application on your behalf to deal with your financial claim within the marriage. You and your spouse will be required to complete a financial statement giving details of your financial circumstances. The Court then timetables the matter for hearing, and both you and your spouse will have to attend with your legal representatives.  You  will be provided with advice at each stage of the court process so you will always know what to expect.  We will use our best endeavours to ensure that you do not incur unnecessary costs as the matter proceeds through the courts.

If you are looking for a solicitor specialising in finances in divorce and who can focus on your family legal requirements then why not contact us today.