Domestic violence/abuse

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Non-molestation Order (Injunction)

Unfortunately, either upon the breakdown of a relationship, or during  a relationship, it can be the case that one party may need protection from the other.  Not just in terms of physical violence, but also in relation to emotional abuse or harassment.  A Non-molestation Order would prohibit the other party from being violent, threatening violence, harassing or encouraging anybody else to do any of the above.   This is commonly known as an Injunction.

Occupation Order

This type of order has a number of different purposes, all of which relate to the family home.  The Order, if granted, can do any of the following:

  1. Prohibit the other party from returning to the property or entering the property at any time whilst the Order in place.
  2. Allow you to return to the property to live there if you had already left, and prohibit the other party from living there any further.
  3. Specify that both parties continue to reside in the property but regulate which areas of the property they can both use.

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