Care Proceedings

Are Social Services involved with your family?

Care Proceedings Solicitors

  • Are Social services (local authority) involved with your family?
  • Are the Local Authority concerned about your care for your child/children?

Social services become involved with families for various reasons. Their role is to ensure children receive “good enough” care.

Once social services are involved with your family you will be anxious that they may remove your child/children from your care. This is always a risk when social services have concerns about your standard of care for your children.

What’s worrying is that most people don’t get advice until very late into the process.

Usually social services have been involved quite a while, months or years before parents obtain legal advice. It’s common place that parents leave it until their child/children are at risk of removal from their care before they see a legal professional for advice.

What parents don’t appreciate is that if they obtained advice at the outset of social services being involved they’d reduce the chances of their child/children being removed from their care. Parents also don’t realise that all advice is free as all parents are eligible for free legal advice.

If you contact us at the outset, we will

  • Discuss the concerns about your care raised by social services.
  • Advise you how to address the concerns.
  • Correspondence with social services on your behalf.
  • Attend social services meetings with you.
  • Fully support you throughout the entire process.

Getting advice at the outset could avoid court action and your children being taken away from you.

All parents are eligible for legal aid so you get all the advice & support you need for FREE.

If you don’t get advice at an early stage and social services start the court process, you have limited time to address their concerns, and the risk of your child being taken away is much higher than if you got advice at the outset.

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What are Care Proceedings?

Care Proceedings are Court Proceedings issued by the Children’s Services department of the Local Authority where an application is made for a “Care Order” or “Supervision Order” in respect of a child. If Children’s Services believe a child is at risk of significant harm, they can apply to court for permission to take action to protect the child – these are known as Care Proceedings.

In what circumstances might care proceedings be issued?

If Children’s Services believe a child is suffering significant harm or at risk of suffering significant harm, they can apply to court for permission to take action to protect the child.

Pre-Proceedings Meeting

Care Proceedings will only be initiated after all efforts have been made to keep the child with their birth family.

This meeting is a final attempt in preventing the matter going to court. If you get sent a pre-proceedings letter,  contact us for free advice via telephone or face to face.

Availability of Legal Aid

Legal Aid is available for parents in these cases and for anyone else who holds Parental Responsibility for a child involved in the proceedings.